Interior Design

The four-ton bronze doors open into a glorious interior with the theme, “The Voyage of Life.”

Wade Chapel’s interior is illuminated by the awe-inspiring stained glass window, The Flight of Souls, by which the consummation of the Divine Promise is depicted. Created in Tiffany’s signature “Favrile” method, where opalescent, iridescent, and translucent pieces of glass are layered to create rich, deep colors, it’s apparent the intended focus of the Chapel is the window. Before being installed, the window won a gold medal during the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris, giving it credibility as an important example of Tiffany’s highly- prized ecclesiastical work.

The mosaic on the west wall of the Chapel symbolizes the prophecy and the law of the Old Testament. The east wall of Wade Chapel symbolizes the fulfillment of the laws of the Prophets through the birth of Christianity. Both 32’ X 8’ mosaic walls, designed by Frederick Wilson, were constructed in the Tiffany Studios in New York and re-assembled in Wade Chapel.

Exterior Design

Local architects, Hubbell and Benes, designed the exterior of Wade Chapel; consisting of a pediment, columns, Ionic capitals and portico, all in the Neo-Classical style.

The chapel will open Memorial Day 2021.