The James A Garfield Memorial and Wade Chapel will be closed as of November 20th, 2019 opening again April 1, 2020. Our grounds are open everyday and we welcome visitors to enjoy the winter beauty and history of our 285 acres.


Memorialization of your loved one is very important – it leaves a little stamp on the earth saying that you were here and a life was lived. One type of memorialization is a headstone- the definition of a headstone here at Lake View is any stone less than 14” above the surface of the ground. Single headstones are restricted to 2 ft. in length by 1 ft. in width and doubles must be 4 ft. X 1 ft. Each section within the cemetery has its own limitations on the height that the stone may protrude above the surface of the ground- some common height limitations are: flush with the ground, 4” raised and 14” raised.

Prices for headstones vary dramatically based on size, color of granite, type of polish chosen and the design of the stone.


A monument is any stone that is taller than 14” above the surface of the ground. Monuments are allowed only on special lots in the cemetery that are designated as “monument lots.” Monuments are the ultimate in personal expression- just look around the cemetery and you will see some of the finest examples of monumentation in the country.

Much like headstones, the prices for monuments vary dramatically based on size, color of granite, type of polish chosen and the design of the stone.

Temporary Headstone Program

Many families who have just experienced the loss of a loved one choose to take advantage of our temporary headstone program. For $150 a temporary headstone is ordered and, depending on the timing, can be placed on the grave immediately following the service here at the cemetery. The temporary headstone can then stay on the grave for up to 90 days. After 90 days the temp is removed, unless the family has begun the purchase process of their permanent headstone. If the permanent headstone has been paid for, or is on a contract, the temporary headstone can stay out until the permanent headstone arrives and is installed. Additionally, the $150 is credited to the cost of the permanent headstone when it is purchased here at the cemetery and the family may take the temporary headstone home as a keepsake.

Other products and services to consider:

Foundation for headstone (concrete)- $375 to $525 for headstones. Price for monument foundations will depend on the size of the monument.

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