Standard Lots

Standard lots in the cemetery have limitations on the size of headstone that can be placed on the lot. Some sections require headstones to be flush with the ground and some sections allow your headstone to be up to 14” above the ground. Standard lots can accommodate either a full casket burial or a cremation burial.

Price range: $2,195 to $6,895

Monument Lots

Our monument lots allow for much more personalization on both your memorialization and your options for plantings. These lots range in size from 2-18 graves and most allow both headstones and a monument. We work with you to design a monument that fits, both in size and design, for the lot you have purchased.

Price range: $9,450 to $163,800

Estate Lots

Offering the most personalization options, our private family estate lots are designed to accommodate either a private family mausoleum or a large number of in-ground burials.

Price range: $100,450 to $765,000

Additional products and services associated with all the above options:

  • Casket – $1,095 to $8,995
  • Vault – $795 to $4,795
  • Opening and closing – $1,495 to $2,995
  • Headstones and/or monuments – Prices vary dramatically based on selection (granite color, polish, size, design, etc.)

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