Cremation Gardens

On the banks of Wade Pond we have designed the June-Louise Walkway—an area specifically designated for above-ground cremation products. Choose from columbaria, cremation boulders or cremation benches and monuments. Nestled beneath the trees and overlooking a stream is our nature trail- intended for above-ground cremation products, the nature trail is an option for those looking for a way to get back to nature. Very little maintenance is done in this area which really gives the feel of walking or hiking through the forest. Our newest addition, Reflection Pointe, offers a beautiful view from the top of Daffodil Hill.

Price range: $4,995 to $18,995 – includes space for two cremated remains

Glass Front Niches

A new addition that has been very popular are our beautiful glass-front niches. Glass-front niches allow for a good deal of personalization within the niche and give you the opportunity to create your own unique tribute to your loved one. The Community Mausoleum allows for year-round, temperature-controlled visiting by loved ones.

Price range: $1,995 to $9,095

Granite Niches

One of the most affordable options in the cemetery, our granite niches offer beauty and elegance combined with a secure place of inurnment. The name, year of birth and year of death are engraved on the face of the niche to permanently memorialize your loved one. Both indoor and outdoor granite niches are available and prices will vary based on your choice. Niche pricing depends on how close to eye level you get (prices are highest at eye level and decrease as you go up or down in level).

Price range: $1,195 to $2,595

Ground Burial of Cremated Remains

We have special sections in the cemetery specifically designated for cremated remains, however, all of the options available for full casket burials will also accommodate the burial of cremated remains. In fact, with the purchase of a second right of interment, we can even place cremated remains on top of burials done long ago. This means that a family lot which was full long ago may still have availability for cremation burial.

Price range: $995 – $6,895

Additional products and services associated with all the above options:

  • Urn – $195 to $695
  • Urn Vault – $295 to $695
  • Opening and closing – $1,095 to $2,695
  • Inscription – $490 to $630

For those who choose either the June-Louise Walkway or Nature Trail, in addition to the above:

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