Garden Crypt Mausoleums

Our newly built Garden Crypt buildings feature outdoor crypts that are finely-polished, richly-colored, Carnelian and Moonlight Gray granite. Constructed of steel-reinforced concrete, these crypts offer the most cost-effective way to be entombed in the cemetery. Entombment in the Garden Crypts can be less expensive than many ground burial options.

Price range: $5,995 to $6,995

Community Mausoleum

Our nationally award-winning building, dedicated in 1990, was designed by Harley Ellington Pierce Yee Associates, Inc. The architects commented “We used natural stone on the outside to help the building blend in with all the trees, flowers, wildlife, and Victorian-period buildings in Lake View.” Glass skylights throughout the interior radiate warmth, and light even on a cloudy day. With both indoor and outdoor crypts designed for 1 to 4 people (single, companion or family Westminster crypts), we have an option for everyone. The Community Mausoleum allows for year-round climate-controlled visiting by loved ones.

Price range: $5,995 to $28,595

Private Family Mausoleums

In comparison to all other cemetery options, these buildings are among the most prestigious choices within Lake View. Private family mausoleums allow for the most amount of personalization options- you are only limited by your imagination. They can be walk-in or garden style and designed to accommodate from 1 to 40 entombments.

Price range: $75,000 to several million dollars and vary dramatically based on size, color, design and placement of the building

Additional products and services associated with all the above options:

  • Casket – $1,095 to $8,995
  • Crypt Liner – $750
  • Opening and closing – $1,395 to $2,895
  • Engraving on crypt front – $630 to $675

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