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What is an opening and closing fee?
The opening and closing fee (typically referred to as just the “opening and closing”) is a single charge that paid prior to any interment taking place whether it be in a niche, crypt or ground burial space. Included in this fee is the opening of the space, the basic service set up and the closing of the space.
I know that I wish for my final resting place to be Lake View Cemetery. Now what?
To speak with one of our Memorial Advisors and schedule an appointment to tour available spaces, niches, and lots, please contact the cemetery office at 216-421-2665.
Do I need to buy a grave or lot, or can I be buried on an established family lot in the cemetery?
For more than 145 years, families and individuals have established thousands of private family lots at Lake View. Many of these lots were purchased with the intention of creating a legacy, through providing a place for family members to be buried together for generations to come. If you are a descendant of the original lot owner (purchaser) of a lot at Lake View Cemetery, you, your spouse, and your descendants most likely have rights of interment on that lot.  If you are unsure about available space on a family lot, please contact the cemetery office and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with establishing your rights of interment.
Who can be buried in the cemetery?
As a non-profit, non-denominational cemetery, we are the final resting place for people of all faiths and walks of life. Lake View was founded over 145 years ago to serve all citizens of Cleveland, and that continues to be an important part of our mission today.
Why do we need to come to the cemetery before a burial can take place?
At least one of the next of kin must come in (usually at least 48 hours in advance of the burial) for an arrangement conference. In this meeting you will go over all of the arrangements for the burial or placement of cremated remains with one of our Memorial Advisors. One of the next of kin will also need to sign an Interment Authorization, which is a form authorizing the cemetery to open a grave space and perform a burial.
What things are absolutely required for a burial to take place?
In order for a burial to take place three basic things are required here at the cemetery. You must have a space, a burial vault and an opening and closing. All of these items must be paid in full prior to a burial taking place.
What is perpetual care?
An endowment care fund was established long ago for the express purpose of taking care of the cemetery in perpetuity. This means that long after the last burial is performed here at Lake View, we will continue to care for our grounds perpetually.
Why should I consider buying my cemetery merchandise, like my vault, casket, and memorialization from you?
A portion of everything you purchase made here at the cemetery is used to pay for the care and maintenance of the cemetery. So, by purchasing your merchandise here, you are helping to ensure that Lake View Cemetery is cared for forever.
Do you offer caskets?
Yes, we now have a line of caskets that are available on a pre-arrangement basis.
Our burial plans have changed, can we sell our property?
Yes you may- please contact our office for information on how to go about transferring property from one owner to another.

Ground Burial Space

Where can I find a complete listing of your Rules and Regulations?
We have a comprehensive rules and regulations handbook available in the cemetery office. For a brief summary of rules, click here.
Where can I find out what the costs are for cemetery property and services?
Please call to speak with one of our Memorial Advisors who can give you a complete no-obligation breakdown of all costs.
When I purchase a space, what am I actually buying?
When you buy space in the cemetery you are not actually purchasing the land, what you are buying is the right to be buried on the space- this is called an interment right.

Maintenance Plans and Horticulture

What types of plantings are allowed on my lot?
We have a full time horticulturist on staff here at the cemetery who can help design a planting plan that will suit the area of the cemetery where your lot is located.
What can I do to be sure my lot is taken care of after I’m gone?
You can ensure that a special level of care is given to your lot or monument by setting up an endowment today to take care of future costs. Contact our office and speak with a memorial advisor for current costs.


We just purchased a headstone for a loved one and were told it will take 90-120 days to be installed. How do we mark the grave in the meantime?
See our Temporary Stone Program – this will allow the grave to be marked while you are still deciding on a permanent memorial.
I have an idea for a unique memorial. What are my options?
We have partnered with two different monument companies to provide for all of your memorialization needs. Talk to one of our Memorial Advisors to learn more about creating a meaningful headstone or monument for your family.

Payment Options

Do you have a veterans section and discounts?
Yes, we have a section that is specifically designated for honorably discharged veterans. In this section, the space is provided free of charge for the veteran and the government provides a free headstone. The only costs left associated with a veteran burial are the opening and closing, burial vault and headstone foundation.
Do you offer payment plans? Is there a credit check or health exam?
For those who choose to prearrange, we offer convenient payment terms, 0% interest and financing over as many as 48 months. Our financing is done all in-house so there is no credit check or health exam required.
Is there a program or assistance for low-income families?
Lake View does not have a specific program for low-income families, however we do offer a wide range of price points in an attempt to accommodate most budgets. Additionally, when you choose to plan ahead we offer convenient payment plans with 0% interest.