Lake View Cemetery Executive Staff:

President and CEO
Katharine Goss
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Chief Operations Officer
Marilyn M. Brandt
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Chief Financial Officer
Danielle Paskowski
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Executive Director
Lake View Cemetery Foundation

Leah Whidden
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Lake View Cemetery Association

The Lake View Cemetery Association is a provider of interment services to all races and religions. It is committed to preserving the cemetery, a nationally recognized landmark, as a historic burial ground that creates a welcoming environment to bereaved families and provides education programs in its historic setting. In pursuing this vision, The Lake View Cemetery Association preserves and honors the heritage of past generations, serves and respects the needs of the present generation, and provides a legacy for future generations.

Board of Directors

David K. Ford, Jr.* Chairman

David C. Fulton, Jr.* Vice Chairman

Henri Pell Junod, Jr.* Vice Chairman

William G. Batcheller VP Finance

Peter W. Adams

Richard C. Bryan

Thomas C. Bolton

Chandler H. Everett

Lawrence H. Hatch

Bracy E. Lewis

David A. Osborne, Jr.*

Joseph M. Shafran

Howard A. Steindler

Fred A. Watkins

Sharon Higley Watts

*Executive Committee

The Lake View Cemetery Foundation

The mission of Lake View Cemetery Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is for the purpose of maintaining, preserving and enhancing, for the benefit of the general public, the historically and architecturally significant buildings, monuments and areas located within, and the horticulture, botanical gardens, and landscape of Lake View Cemetery and provide education outreach programs.

Board of Directors

Mark J. Druckenbrod* President

Mark F. Swary* Vice President

Sherrill Witt* Secretary

William G. Batcheller* Treasurer

Kathleen H. Barrie

Julie M. Rehm, Ph.D.*

Andrew L. Sikorovsky

Alexander S. Taylor II

Andrew A. Zashin

*Executive Committee