Since 1984, the Lake View Cemetery Foundation has raised the funds necessary to preserve and protect our historic landscape and enhance our educational programming. Gifts have come from people of all walks of life. Some have loved ones buried here, others carry joyful memories of picnics by our pond, and still others enjoy their daily walks on our scenic roads.

Whether you visit Lake View Cemetery daily, annually, or only in your memories, we ask you to join our community of supporters with a gift to the Lake View Cemetery Foundation. Each gift we receive ensures Lake View Cemetery is here for our community to enjoy now and for eternity.

The Lake View Cemetery Annual Fund

The Lake View Cemetery Annual Fund provides resources for many key programs including but not limited to:

  • Horticulture: The Annual Fund pays the salary of a staff horticulturist and offsets the costs of planting and maintaining the cemetery’s flowers, trees, and shrubs.
  • History: The Annual Fund offsets the cost of historical programming including walks, talks, and tours at the cemetery.
  • Art: The Annual Fund provides resources to maintain and restore sculptures, buildings, and monuments on our grounds.
  • Education: Lake View Cemetery welcomes thousands of school and university students every year. The Annual Fund pays for transportation resources and guides that make these visits an enriching educational experience.
  • Outreach: From our summer music concerts, to our 5K, to our Memorial Day celebration, Lake View Cemetery brings the community together. The Annual Fund supports these outreach programs and others.
  • Infrastructure: The Annual Fund assists the Lake View Cemetery Association in funding improvements like road and water systems maintenance.

If you have any questions about the Annual Fund, contact Greta Rothman, Director of Development, at 216-453-0990 or email her at

Greta Rothman
Director of Development